FBI file links Kennedy to Monroe's death

Was it decided that: "One too many a sympathy drama" was to be her final curtain? Sadly, new documents have emerged, which show that she was allowed to die as she sought help...
FBI file links Kennedy to Monroe's death

Today, new facts lend new insights:
...Replacing those which baffled theorists. It was suggested that Monroe had been rendered unconscious by a person or persons unknown (for instance via chloral hydrate) and that a drug overdose had been administered by intravenous injection or by rectal suppository… (Chloral hydrate significantly slows down metabolism.) Read more

HISTORY: A formal re-investigation in 1982 by the Los Angeles County District Attorney uncovered no evidence of foul play, but concluded that the original investigation into her death had not been conducted properly...

"The officers that arrived at her home had failed to secure the scene, people freely came and went, possibly contaminating or destroying evidence. The re-investigation also revealed that all lab work, tissue samples, and test results from the autopsy disappeared from the county coroner's office immediately after the official ruling had been made public." Read more
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