Democracy: Iraqis say Yes, "Polls say No"

No one understands the importance of a Democracy, as well as those struggling to keep it alive! But before you error on the side of Terrorists who hide amongst civilians...Choose how this will impact 'your own safety', but: "Listen to the Soldier's and Iraqis!"
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"The mission is still ongoing. We have a desire for Australia to remain and to continue its support until we are completely confident that all terrorist activities cease." -al-Maliki
Mr Howard arrived in the southern city of Tallil early on Saturday on a visit designed to show he would not dump his Iraq policy, even though it is costing him support in the polls. Howard refuses withdrawal date
Today: The C-130 Hercules, carrying Howard and 30 other people, including media and military personnel, dropped quickly from 1520 meters...After reaching an altitude of about 5,000 feet, all returned to the Tallil runway after the smoke began spreading from the rear of the cabin...
SMH reports that "The flight was part of a risky visit by the Prime Minister to Tallil and Baghdad on Saturday to address Australian troops and meet top US generals."
Democrats won't believe it, and Insurgents won't like it:
Iraqis: life is getting better

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