There's Peace beyond the Tribal Wars

Nearly 200 Nations of the World now embrace a hopeful result from a 200 year Freedom from Religious intolerance...
The true war is the track record of Democracy against 1500 years of Middle East Religious Tribal Wars...'Now spread world-wide!'

Concerning Great Britain’s pull from areas of Baghdad to fill Afghanistan commands: Terrorists had hoped that a Baghdad pull-out would enable them to step up favored leadership amidst unpopular Western consensus.
Click-Image-View Video of News Media and their
Joyful prospect of U.S. defeat! (View guy at end of Video!)
And read statement issued, as Democrats flip-flop back-down from legislation that clearly manages the detail of the troops in the front-lines :
"There is nothing in this legislation that will be considered this week that micromanages the war," said House Majority Steny Hoyer, D- Md. No military general "will in any way be constrained from the tactics or the strategies that they deem best to employ on the ground in Iraq." Read more.
Strip-funding underestimates the value or our assistance to Afghanistan, and reduces our assistance against Terror in the region! -M.B.
View this important Video (released this year) from Afghanistan :
Afghan American filmmaker Sedika Mojadidi journeys to follow her father's return to Afghanistan...Dr. Qudrat Mojadidi is an OB/GYN who was forced by political pressures to emigrate from Afghanistan to the U.S. in 1972...

In 2003, nearly two years after the Taliban’s fall, he is invited by the U.S. government to help rehabilitate the largest women’s hospital in the country. Rabia Balkhi, now under U.S. sponsorship with a newly re-named Laura Bush Maternity Ward, returns to his homeland with great hopes, with U.S. funding.
These and many other assistances, are grossly under-reported... And crucial assistances to the successes of this country.

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