Archival Mugshots: Int’l Art Exhibit

Interesting Smithsonian Article:
Arresting Faces-By Katy June-Friesen
"If the pictures are short on detail, they still add up to a vivid, impressionistic archive of American metamorphosis."
Mark Michaelson Image: Smithsonian
(Sad, this might have been a typical arrest, back then.)
The tens of thousands of Photos and mug shots of which Mark Michaelson has collected over the years, have brought forth: Int'l exhibits and book...
View Michaelson's Interesting Photo Stream

And as he notes in the book:
"The Least Wanted images intrigue us in the way a collection of old passport photos might not. A mug shot captures people at their lowest or most vulnerable. We look hard at their faces, calculating guilt or innocence. And then look harder. Read more.

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