Russia Vacates: Iran Builds Consortium?

Conflicting news stories about Russia's demands that Iran comply with Security Council. None seemed entirely accurate...Aside from the fact that they want to be paid...
This falls-in-line with: Ambassador Zarif Nuke Proposal

What appears to be certain, is Russia's March 20th announcement of their intent to vacate...Currently, it is thought that 2,000 Russian specialists provide expertice at the Iranian nuclear thermal power station at Bushehr...

About Russia's departure...
According to RIA Novosti's commentator Tatyana Sinitsyna:
"There is no reason to look for an answer to the question of who is to blame. As lawyers would say, this is a case of force majeure. This project is unique, and Russian engineers have had to rack their brains in search of clever technological solutions in order to complete what German engineers started over thirty years ago and then abandoned... "But who is going to appreciate this? The client is interested in results rather than PROCESS."
And why this emphasis on fuel?
"The Bushehr fuel contract was paid for long ago, and this fuel is currently at the depots of the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant, waiting to be delivered. But what is the point of sending it to the Bushehr construction site before the reactor is ready?"

"Nuclear fuel is not pistachios or almonds, and the cash-and-carry logic of the Oriental bazaar does not fit in here. Nuclear fuel rods are packed with fuel elements - tvels, in nuclear jargon. They require special handling and storage before they get into the reactor."

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