Ambassador Zarif Nuke Proposal to Defuse

Think of the steel reinforcements needed to build a wall around a Nation... And then think of Iran, the US, and reinforcements derived out of animosity and divided opinion...
Examining the level of 'animosities amongst leaders and loyalists' on both sides... There remain a high level of respect and friendship with those who have come from Iran as American immigrants; and those closely associated via the web… Both of which admiration is mutual...
Iranian Ambassador Javid Jarif
Former Acting Pres (58th Gen. Assembly)
As 15-nations weigh options to re-establish a firm nuclear security protocol; it has not been the Regime's isolated blame upon the US... Threats by this regime have (themselves) sparked question throughout the community.

1. "Threats to unleash attacks upon all of US interests throughout globe."
2. "Announcement to share Nuclear Technology with associates."
3. "Open declarations towards the demise of Israel and the West."

The Iranian Regime's threats and costs to the community have been a discredit; but yet they continue to fail to address the world community...

Will the Iranian U.N. ambassador's nuke proposal serve to defuse this?

NEW: Iran's Ambassador plans potential US arrival of Iran's President; Interviews with Time Magazine; and responds to UN with suggestion :
"Iran could agree that its nuclear facilities, including all of its uranium enrichment plants, could be jointly owned by an international consortium. All countries with concerns, including the U.S., could participate in that consortium."
Ambassador Zarif continues to say...
"Their people and other foreign nationals could come and go to work at the facilities, which would allow for the best type of monitoring." Zarif said the consortium would provide built-in monitoring, which from Iran's perspective would be less intrusive than inspectors, Time reported.
"It is an issue of respect," Zarif told Time. "Of course you are monitoring as you do this, but you are doing it with respect as owners and operators." Full story.
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Ernest said...

Miss Barbie! I am continually impressed with your "printing" and political prowess! More power to you and keep up the good work! Sometimes "the pen" is mightier than the sword...

MB said...

Thank you sincerely... And please keep protecting us in Iraq... Even when those who deny the need for swords, think only words will do...
We thank you.

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