Insurgents, Lies, and Video Tapes

Well, well…
Dr. H has said that he does not see the soul signature of Osama Bin Laden in today’s time-line... This signature has traveled outside the grid. (DECEASED)

So too…Taliban chief, Mullah Omar (who gave Osama Bin Laden shelter and support) claims to not to have heard from him, and remains unclear of bin Laden’s whereabouts. FORMER VIDEO...

Interesting, in our phone-call, Dr. H Clarifies that the character of Zawahari is often used by Militant groups as a “Rent-a-Zawahari”...
(if you will)
In fact, both Osama and Zawahari's letters and video-tapes have been 'borrowed and utilized as propaganda' to capture Western Media Attention.
For the most shocking of Dr. "H" "remote view" revelations, READ BELOW!

Dr. H has stated:
“The recent Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's attempt to "confess"...reveals the Laden organization's need to slow deep divisions and lack of control of the Laden movement, since his death...There remains a serious competition between militants."
Interesting...One might care to look at Palestine and its “fractions” of Fatwa and Hamas; to see the formation of a new Palestinian resistance .
ABOUT Dr. H: Inventor and Int'l recluse... Dr. "H" is a Retired Archeologist, Physicist, M.D. (late 80's)...World expert in reading & examining time-lines and Remote View Technology.

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