Global Fight for Freedom: Unstoppable

The dedications of a Democratic Army who volunteer to risk their lives to enable our Freedoms..... have given highlight around the globe to the 'unequal' distribution of Freedoms and the inadequacies of 'people without voice'.
"That which is worth fighting for, is worth attaining."
Thousands met with enforcements. 3.4.07
Today: From Drudge: Thu Mar 15 2007 | 11:37:07 ET
Putin media decree arouses press freedom worries
Raf Shakirov, dismissed editor of the Izvestiya daily said:
"This is an attempt to put everything under control, not only electronic media, but also personal data about people such as bloggers."
President Vladimir Putin has decreed the creation of a new super-agency to regulate media and the Internet, sparking fears among Russian journalists of a bid to extend tight publishing controls to the relatively free Web.

Putin signed a decree to create one entity that will license broadcasters, newspapers and Web sites and oversee their editorial content.

Raf Shakirov, who was dismissed as editor of the Izvestiya daily after critical coverage of the 2004 Beslan school siege, tells REUTERS how Putin's decree could extend Soviet-style controls to Russia's online media, which have been relatively free to date.
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