Stop Buzzing Them with Helicopters!

Is it just me...Or does this Polar bear look "none too thrilled" being buzzed by this Helicopter? Might even be disrupting his hunting (or mating.) Here he is (pictured below) Always on the go while being chased by a loud, swooping, metal bird in the sky...(and, why is this not considered pollution?)
No wonder so many mammals and animals of the wild, go into hiding long before we think their numbers have dwindled...
And wow: Astounding capabilities of the Polar Bear!
We're going to need to trust that these animals will do well in the wild without us; while they adapt to the changing terrain, and conditions... (Almost makes you want to join this group, to keep helicopters away.) What ever happened to the good old days of “packing-in" on foot...heh.
CLICK-IMAGE- Now here's a photo
that didn't make the News!
...And this was from Drudge, the other day...It says that they have swimming depths of an easy 9 to 14 feet; and dives of 20; They've strong swimming skills to rival any rescue boat...They look "angry" not desperate! read more!
Other articles: Does evolution select for faster evolvers?

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