2007: Saudis will Broker M.E. Peace

Soon, on its way to the Middle East... a brokered and binding Peace Treaty… Designed to be a win-win for everyone, amidst shared compromise and challenge, and WILL very well be the end to the many-sided divisions which have wracked the Middle East for decades...

HRH King Abdullah, will continue to scribe a treaty to lift layered sectarian conflicts, and heal poverty and displacement in the region...This treaty promises equal forfeits, equal challenges, overcoming obstacles, while empowering peace and stability.

Not limited to Palestine; so too, Lebanon and Iraq, lend far more dangerous effects should conflicts and violence extend far beyond and into the future...This treaty is most absolutely thought to contain a mandatory recognition of Israel, disarmament of Hezbollah, and is designed to allow the US to save face, while supporting a Democratic Iraq... and to end the bloodshed... More later.

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