Geomagnetism: Reversal of Magnetic Field

UPDATE: Found in constellation Orion: A Magnetic Vortex in Space! According to Astrophysicists, it relies on a magnetic field being generated and trapped mysteriously, within its gas cloud.*
UPDATE: Do check this out! Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
"Dwardu Cardona's and David Talbott's scenario, the 'Saturn Configuration' - a planetary line-up which eventually broke up causing catastrophe on Earth!" (Read it all, and attend Conference) Location: Fitzwilliam College Cambridge University ; Friday 31st August - Sunday 2nd Sept. 2007
* And check out ALL of these Fantastic Links!
The break-down of Earth's Magnetic Field is a far greater concern today than is expressed in reports concerning climate change; and has been an on-going (and imminent) cycle of a larger picture...Imminent, as in evolutionary...'s Full links of Earth's Magnetic field

-Important links from: "The Great Magnet, the Earth."
-View Map of Grid point locations

Those who have followed Scientist's examination of ancient magnetic field stores of basalt (lava rock) samples, know that these samples show the interchange a definite cycle of reversal of poles…Also beneficial is the understanding of Geomagnetism, in order to assess a legitimate direction towards solution amidst this cycle of our Earth...
If we don't pursue the truth, we are
lost as individuals and as a society
And even more instances of today's magnetic breakdown :
Bright lights Reported over Midwest skies
And more research is needed to understand the multiplying incidents of H5N1:With the changing migration of birds during magnetic reversal, we are seeing many incidents of Bird flu....NOTE: Bacteria, suspended in water, find the "down" direction using magnetic materials embedded in their bodies. When they are moved to the opposite hemisphere, they tend to orient themselves in the opposite direction...

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