Iraq's Pre-War Cohesion: Bomb Sweeps

Below: The hand-removal of hundreds of thousands of land mines (stashed and buried as traps) by which "thousands" of Iraqis were killed, simply by traveling to retrieve drinking water...
(One of many Saddam atrocities & violations: Ottawa Treaty)

Saddam and company wouldn't be the type of regime I'd have supported for 'oil-perks' while significant stores of Chem WMD were transported out of Iraq ...And today, Saddam loyalists and terrorists wouldn't be the type of people I'd be "proud to have boosted" for sake of US election efforts.

But to judge the surface value of a soldier's efforts by which he gave his life, is to ignore the depths of his efforts to unearth tons of bombs cache, illegal arms, missiles, documented meetings by the regime, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi bodies unearthed as testimony to continual formal/informal executions.
HT: Blackfive!
Bryan at Hot Air posts:
The new Lows, designed to "slow-bleed" our troops!
Read : Today's Press Conference by the President

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