Murtha is Commander in Chief Now, hear?

Observed by Omar at Iraq the Model (seated in the center of Iraq)
There are helpful US and Iraqi military reinforcements; checkpoints reinforced with more soldiers and equipment; welcomed security measures to enable Iraqis to return to their homes…
But, while Iraqi officials are giving militants in Kerbala 48 hours to disarm or face the consequences; the Democrat Congress are writing laws to end US involvement…
And in Iraq: while terrorist rings are being broken-up and held against gunfire; the Democrat Congress are writing bills to cut off the funding for supplies!
-This just in on Drudge: Al-Qaeda in Iraq; Leader Wounded
al-Qaeda’s Al-Masri Taken into Custody!
AP: The "Cut-off" plan, plan
Murtha Speaking of our U.S. Troops (not al-Qaeda)
"They won't be able to continue. They won't be able to do the deployment. They won't have the equipment. They don't have the training and they won't be able to do the work."
Well...If they think that surging to provide security to the Iraqis won't work, try diplomatic relations with al-Qaeda. And while you're at it, try passing a bill to limit National Defense...(Oh, that's right, they are.) And let's just release hundreds of prisoners in Guintanamo; many of which were arrested having killed our military... And few countries want them! (But it sounds good to say it, right?)
Read this from gateway! AP Finally Admits Democrats Are
Undermining War Efforts!
2 . 14. 07 | Robert Novak
The real problem with any non-binding Iraq-surge resolution is that it is a political stunt -- a non-binding vote -- that purports to determine military strategy and tactics rather than a military objective. A vote on partial or complete withdrawal, or a vote setting a timetable for withdrawal, which many on both sides could agree to, would have the virtue of determining policy instead of military tactics. To subject the tactical affairs of the military to the political process is probably in no one's best interests.

Congress, whose power it is to declare and fund war, is much better off mandating an objective than a strategy. Setting aside all the Republican rhetoric about "the troops," this resolution puts Congress in an improper role and at best mildly interferes with the running of the war.


RWB said...

What is the working definition of high treason again?

MB said...

Not sure... But I think we've got the poster boy here... :D

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