Sarkozy, Election, and French Culture

Here's an election that just might be the saving grace for the entire society of French culture. There's a huge question as to whether France (today) can withstand the test of a Socialist Party...A party, often simpatico to groups who have no intention of assimilating into French Society...
AFP| F. Guillot; Nicolas Sarkozy
"Président du parti de la majorité
Other considerations (as explained by Nicolas Sarkozy) are the “too high” French tax pressure, which has contributed to the delay of France's growth for fifteen years; when compared to “better of the free countries.”

And so too, was the most recent incident of the 'cartoon lawsuit against Charlie-Hebdo, and the protection against the threat of a diminishing Freedom of speech. Pictured below Editor Philippe Val; leaving the court after a hearing.
Benoit Tessier-07; Philippe Val
It was due to the exaggerated reactions of these cartoons, that Philippe Val decided to publish them... He felt that freedoms for publishers, writers, journalists, and intellectuals were on the line, due to religious intolerance; and knew that the right of free speech must be protected...

Without hesitation, Nicolas Sarkozy expressed that more opportunities for Freedom of Speech should be held to task... And other tasks which Sarkozy may face? (Prevention of 'fire in the streets' comes to mind.)

Will these issues be the defining aspect of the up-coming Presidential election? Time will tell...


RWB said...

If France is to survive as a Western Nation, people like Sarkozy and LePen will have to come to the forefront of French politics. You know the average frenchman cannot be happy with seeing their own country being overtaken by immigrants, i.e. 200 cars a day burned, will have to start to see political reform. The only other result I can see is Civil War. Princess, am I wrong here?

MB said...

We know this but it is the U.S. who is more comfortable with 'war' and civil in the same sentence. :) Other than that, I agree ;)

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