Colombian Gov. to Negotiate w/Rebels

After a series of high-profile terrorist acts, ceded territories and civilian appeasements in the name of peace; we are finally seeing the ill-effects of the terrorist Guerrillas, as they bring the Colombian Government to its knees. President Alvaro Uribe Velez is well known for putting up the toughest fight against guerrillas and terror... After all, it was the Guerrillas who killed the former President... (his Father.)

The inability to curtail the kidnappings, attacks on civilians, human and drug trafficking, hijackings, and political assassinations; have made FARC one of the richest and most powerful best-equipped rebel guerrilla armies in the World...

Colombian president Alvaro Uribe announced his intentions with the guerrilla of the revolutionary forces armed with Colombia (FARC - guerrilla Marxist) in a official Presidential statement, Friday evening in Bogota:
“The government is laid out with a direct contact with the FARCS, without intermediaries”... so that they can seek an exit with such a serious problem.”
Moreover the Head of the State Mrs. Lucy de Gechen, the wife of an hostage who has also been held for five years, is ready to establish a direct contact with the guerrilla in the name of the 57 families of people still held by FARC...
The object is to do a humane exchange with imprisoned guerrillas.

Velez won a landslide victory in Colombia’s (May 2002) Presidential election by promising to crack down on the rebels… Ingrid Betancourt (a presidential candidate) wasn’t so lucky, however… Abducted in February 2002, while traveling through guerrilla territory, she and the others, remain to this day.


Rick Richards said...

Barbie, I continue to enjoy your blog, the more I visit.

Thank you very much.

MB said...

Such a nice thing to say, thanks :) And Welcome back...

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