Adjusting Words to Edit War

There's a huge clash in the definitions of "actually, theoretically, and semantically" here; because I see nothing important about Pelosi's demand for correct word phrasing for Democrat's "troop de-funding plan" while men and women are standing in the mud holding ak-47's, willing to fight a deadly suicide rendering enemy, to protect a Democratically Free Iraq...

Just today: Insurgent Bomb Factory Found in Baghdad
CNN: Senator Johnson (D) "Fund-Controlling Troops."
You have to question why Democrat officials seek to deny reinforcements to troops already in the war zone ... And why our National Security continues to be aired on talk shows... And why their misinformation’s through “condition of anonymity" are not a deeper hole being dug as they span throughout the M. East, in disfavor of our troops?
"The officials, Democratic aides and others familiar with private discussions, spoke only on condition of anonymity, saying rank-and- file senators had not yet been briefed on the effort."

"Several Senate Democrats have called in recent days for revoking the original authorization that Bush sought and won from Congress in the months before the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein." read more
And where's the wise decision to council the inner-workings of government communications, with the dignity of professional meetings? It's embarrassing!
Hot Air: Pelosi phones Bush to complain about
Cheney’s painfully accurate criticism


Joints said...

M. B.,

I like the new look. You are, as always, right on target with your post. I am also glad to see that you support MSF. They do a lot of good work. You are more than beautiful!

MB said...

Hey... Welcome back :D... I have nice friends at MSF. (And thanks for the nice words :)

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