Keeping from Proving them Right...

It's with incredible ease that anyone can 'make wrong' the efforts of another, but it requires more energy to keep from proving them right. And consider that the most perfect of the world is not man, but through man's free will, divine perfection is alive in the heart of good intention...

Caption: U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld speaks to both Conservative and Liberal reporters on his plane somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean April 26, 2003. Rumsfeld is traveling to the Persian Gulf and South Asia. A major purpose of the trip is to underline the commitment the United States has to ensuring that Afghanistan and Iraq do not descend into chaos or return to authoritarian rule. (AP PHOTO/Luke Frazza/Pool)
-HT: Drudge: VIDEO: The changing stance of John Mccain


Rudy Carrera said...

The page you have gets better and better. It's a pleasure to read. Nice pic of Rummy, btw!

MB said...

Thank you Rudy, for the nice words...And thanks for your visit. :)

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