Terror Groups Work the MSM Machine

Yes, Iraqis and their Coalition partners faced several challenges during the transformation from decades of dictatorship to a democratic government. Read report.

While MSM published leaked security information, sniper attacks of our troops, and revealed soldier's positions to the enemy; the news trend was to leave a majority of efforts towards Iraqi Freedom and quality of life for the Iraqis... on the cutting room floor...

As the Bloggesphere continued to expose the Media's forged documents and faked photos, one could only hope that a retraction for the countless inaccuracies, might reach the Middle East...
See how Terror Groups Work the MSM on the Net
And how they fleeced the media and the US (left) who risked troop safety, and a hijack of the Iraqis chance at a better life...And see how EVERYONE who had anything to gain, fell for it! The Terrorist's personal favorite? False propaganda from re-cycled terrorist feeds, for marketing as legitimate news stories!
PFC Molinaro: U.S. Army Iraq
"Enabling Iraqis the Privilege of Running Water."
And yes, the winding treacherous tale by the Media continually weighed heavily against Iraqi mission's successes, while stacking a burden on the minds of the soldiers in the front-lines...THE SOLDIERS DID NOT WAVIER...And now Congress asks them to place all their collective efforts down the drain!

As Soldiers prepare to send Congress an appeal for courage:
Cheney says, "U.S. wants to leave Iraq "with honor."
"We know that terrorist attacks are not caused by the use of strength, they are invited by the perception of weakness," Cheney said in a speech aboard the USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier at Yokosuka Navy Base near Tokyo.
William M. Arkin on National and Homeland Security, has been posting some of the hundreds of letters from those in active duty:
From soldiers, their families, and notes from his readers.

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