The 79th Annual Academy Awards

Updated: The Academy of Arts and Sciences chose many Artists not ordinarily recognized outside the circles of the industry, as a credit to inter-working of Tech. Art! :)
Not to confuse "Science of film" with "Science of Earth"...Where the furthest reach of ‘Artistic expression of film' was once thought to remain centered around the techniques of "Artistic Craftsmanship of Film."
The inconvenient truth was: Hey, this was a global warming fund raiser! :/
-View Lists of film Artists...
And an interesting debate: (Ht: Instapundit) Read these comments! :D
M. Barbay: "Global Green Awards"- 07
I am a huge participant in Int'l Film Festivals... So I've had the good fortune to see many of these films (and more). The latest showing and quick direction to view some of the favorites, and trailers: here!
A little more here: Diverse Set of Nominees Grace Red Carpet
More Update...
Don't miss Hot Air's coverage, with Videos!
The Oscar thread; Update: Goracle (almost) announces!
Update: Gore wins Oscar for Best Social Consciousness;
Update: Scorsese wins

This is supposed to be factual? I don't think so..
Queen has invited Helen Mirren to tea
My film (Pan's Labyrinth) won a few Creative Artistic Awards!
(Including an award by Cinematographer Guillermo Navarro!)
About: It is said that the music score is the most difficult to incorporate in a mythological fairy-tale... For instance, if it is too sad, it runs the risk of becoming a dark horror film... If it is too light and bright, it becomes a comedy... This film was a masterpiece...
More about the evening’s festivities… Here


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