The Missions of Peacekeeping

Not all of our world thinks in terms of WARS... Not all can afford to maintain them. So they must protect friends and neighbors, while attempting to disarm the militants; with only the hope of an army of Peace...
(Left) French Peacekeepers patrol the waters
(Right) Re-enforcing the End to the Hezbollah conflict
Charlotte Plantive writes of the dangers which peacekeeping sailors face in the Lebanese waters; and a system aimed at preventing arms smuggling to Hezbollah...Read full story.

The ship is also tasked with identifying boats which approach Lebanese waters; a system aimed at preventing arms smuggling to Hezbollah that Hava describes as 'watertight'... Around 30 ships are identified every day. Since its arrival the Surcouf has stopped a cigarette-smuggling ship, but none with weapons.
"Refueling can be another matter of life and death at sea. When the ship cannot dock for reloading with supplies and petrol, it has to do so in open water without bumping -- or "kissing" as the sailors say -- the supply ship."

"When a ship seems suspicious because it refuses to answer our questions, or it has a dubious flag or an illogical route, we tell the Lebanese navy which then checks it out. The measures are very dissuasive.... No one tries to cross."

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