Resurgence of Taliban, al-Qaeda, etc

-In the face of hope 'these enemies cannot be defeated'...And THAT is the full sentence!...Experience reveals that a 'glimmer of hope for our departure' is not helpful, as weighs heavily against our troops. Apparently this morning, the Taliban had their own way of dealing with Cheney statements...

The recent evidence of al Qaeda's resurgence on Pakistani soil, including satellite photos pinpointing the locations of several new al Qaeda camps in the Pakistani border province of Waziristan...
Someone should tell the terrorists that the untimely demise of Cheney will not appoint a Democrat replace...Tell them (if one must) that Bush will appoint ...another Bush! :)

The typical Terrorist's strategy has been: 'withdraw, and re-emerge'... But although Democrats say a US surge won't work... No feed-back as to whether the Terrorist's Surge is a 'bad plan'... In fact, it is believed that:
Democrats back away from Iraq plan, to re-group.
Afghanis weigh in!...This from Drudge:
At Cheney's luncheon with Karzai, the Afghan leader told a story of meeting with tribal leaders and trying to get them to cooperate. "The only question they wanted to ask me, was, 'Is the United States with you?" Karzai said, according to this account.
People are concerned about the US commitment to the region, and Democrats in DC talking about withdrawal from Iraq make them concerned - though that debate back home had no bearing on the VP's decision to come here, sao said. "That would have devastating consequences to what we're trying to do" in this part of the world.

Karzai was reportedly "upbeat" - with all the money and troops that the US is committing to Afghanistan, the sao said, "It's all taken as a sign" of commitment.
"They worry about that... If they see weakness on the part of the US... They worry about our commitment."

The proposals of people in the US to withdraw from Iraq have "consequences in this part of the world," the official said. "The al Qaeda strategy is based on the notion that they can break the will of the American people."
Asked about Cheney's suggestions that talk of withdrawal lend comfort to the terrorists, in the context of his comments last week in the Pacific and his remarks about Speaker Pelosi, the official said no, what was meant was, "It would validate the al Qaeda strategy." Not aid and comfort them. More.


Bigfoot said...

Allah is the only "Supper Power"? I guess this means that no one eats without Allah's permission :)

MB said...

Hey, didn't catch that :)
I find that very Freudian; because they could solve their entire problem if they’d just wait to eat, until after the return of the Twelfth Imam…

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