Sheehahanoid Tracking- WWP Backing

Are Sheehanoids chosen to carry out strategy for Clark's WWP?
(HT- instapundit- For the word: "Sheehanoid")
#With Clark's name-recognition and homespun, avuncular image, WWP had the opportunity to form a new front group to win over naive liberals. This was the International Action Center (IAC), which remains top vehicle for Clark's ego and WWP's play for hegemony over the fragmented remnants of the left."
Rocca- 05; IBC Vendetta Connection
As the Iraq war protesters brake up a press conference by House Democrats on Wednesday; Are they the result of an intended Political suicide for the left? Can the Democrats possibly remain that naive, as to loop in efforts of which (additionally) allow the sharing of War Strategy amongst the public? This letter, quickly met with:
Iraqis to lead assault to take back Baghdad
A glance at the Marxist/Leninists backer- origins of Sheehanoid Anti-War:
Excerpt:# "In November 1990, Clark flew to Baghdad to meet with Saddam, who allowed him to return with a few hostages. In February, with the bombs falling, Clark was in Basra, Iraq's southern port, witnessing the destruction. But his consistent failure to complain about Saddam's regime made it clear he was there at its invitation. We all know: Clark is a war criminal's best friend.
HT- varifrank: It should be noted that Ramsey Clark is supported by marxist/leninists such as A.N.S.W.E.R and World Workers Party (WWP). And who is the WWP? On May 10 2002, FBI Director Louis Freeh said the WWP is part of a group of "Anarchists and extremist socialist groups many of which have an international presence and, at times, also represent a potential threat in the United States." And International A.N.S.W.E.R? Its a front group for the WWP, who by the way also support Cindy Sheehan.
-While I don't align with the site which has published Manny Goldstein's feature on research of "past to present" entitled:
(This article is really quite accurate!)

But, what do we really know about those who exploit the Sheehanoid's group, direct the propaganda behind it, and fund these troop vilification efforts and withdrawal pressure sent via satellite, throughout the insurgence of the Middle East?! Who really "Props-up" these little Peace people of whose results are resistive to the Peace-process! View this little VIDEO: and trace the travels and contradictions of Ramsey Clark & associates: More
(A "Clark-ish-VIDEO" designed to brew Hatred for America!)
Let's look back at Clark's Peace Movement history...
-Article snippet:
In 1968, Clark prosecuted Dr. Benjamin Spock for advocating draft resistance. "As late as 1968, while campaigning for Lyndon Johnson in Wisconsin, Clark was shouting at anti-war protesters to take their grievances to Hanoi rather than Washington," wrote John B. Judis in a 1991 expose on Clark in The New Republic.
Clark also dutifully backed the official findings that Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan each acted alone in the assassination of the Kennedy brothers.
But when LBJ lost in '68, Clark was iced from his farewell luncheon. The humiliated White House isolated him as King's Resurrection City protesters occupied the DC mall and Republican candidate Richard Nixon baited the AG for undermining "law and order." He had become a convenient whipping boy for both parties."
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