Palestine "lost" in War of Militants

The only operations in force should be Peacekeepers and aid from EVERY Country! This means, expulsions of BOTH Hamas and Fatwa radical armies.
It needs to end...
The region is not too small for its people, It's too small for these battles! They're too dangerous for the region! They are the cause of WORLD-WIDE divide & many deaths in Iraq! Read the Polls below!
Sixty percent of the Israelis and 49% of the Palestinians support the Road Map; 52% of Israelis and 48% of Palestinians support the Clinton Parameters; and, 58% of Israelis and 81% of Palestinians support a comprehensive settlement option rather than an interim accord. Despite the violence, hardship and uncertainty, there is a surprising measure of generosity of spirit on both sides.
Arabs and Jews are willing to give negotiations, and each other, a chance...
With an exception of their military sponsors, that is...

"Our battle with Hamas is not a battle of assassination, kidnapping or revenge. Our battle with Hamas is a democratic moral battle," he told a crowd of about 100. "Our battle is with the occupation, not with each other."
Reut: Satellite: Hamas's assassinates an (Anti) Hamas cleric Speaker
Dozens of Fatah gunmen marched in the procession, firing
in the air and calling for vengeance against the rival Hamas group, which is locked in a power struggle with Fatah
over control of the Palestinian government.

Abbas says Hamas security force in Gaza is illegal, but both sides must be prepared to synchronize the replacement of their militant armies for Peacekeepers.
-Israeli Armies will move back (if secure)
They do not want to be monitors in the region!

A Means to an end...
State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters that “non-lethal military assistance” was designed to “build up those responsible security forces to help provide security in Gaza, in the West Bank, help stop terror attacks,” and help regulate check points to open more passages for Palestinians to travel.(America contributions should in equal proportions of ALL nations.)

Nobody wants to get involved? They already are!
I've been looking at sites which view countries who intervene to solve these conflicts, as murders. On the flip side, those who abandon the support to end them, also create a community fearful of being left holding the bag...It is the responsibility of the entire community, without taking sides to do this, NOW!
joscafe | conservativeCat

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