Somalia: Aid, Peacekeepers, & Miracles

Aid, Peacekeepers, and now a miracle will be needed, to enable the Peace and stability of Somalia's fragile government, and the World's ability to protect this culture from further casualties are under threat of suicide bombings by al Qaeda backed destabilizations of Islamists...

A meeting of US, European Union, African and Arab diplomats ended in Kenya on Friday with a U.S. pledge to provide $40 million to Somalia in political, humanitarian and peacekeeping assistance, and a plan to ask more African nations to send troops to help stabilize the country.
Transitional federal government Prime Minister Mohamed Gedi, Second from right, shakes hands with Somali lawyers in Mogadishu Somalia, on Thursday, 1.4.07.

Uganda has pledged at least 1,000 peacekeepers... And the EU said it would also help pay for a peacekeeping force envisioned at 8,000 soldiers...

Meanwhile...Al Qaeda’s Ayman Al Zawahri, is purportedly seen on Friday Jan 5th, in a videotaped message calling on Somalia’s Islamic militants to carry out suicide attacks on Ethiopian troops fighting in their country.
Minister: 3,500 Islamists hiding in Mogadishu

al Qaeda’s threat of suicide attacks (waged for the Islamists) are directed towards Ethiopia, yet are in amongst the Peacekeepers and humanitarian groups...This will further tarnish and cast the name of Islam into history's darkest moments...
All of the Arab World should be aware of this...
-View video below:
Omar clueless on Osama’s whereabouts

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