Iraq: New Life Resurrection 60's Style

Well, this is how it looks to us...
One of the most "sadistic, psychopathic, and deranged" of whose brutal regime, in the last few decades, assassinated hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis; is now given "new life resurrection" by a 60's Peace-style movement...

Today...LGF has the 411 on the 60's-style Peace activists...And for many of us who missed that time-frame; we have to ask others why it seems to conjure up a dangerous vote of confidence for insurgence, while increasing DANGER for boots on the ground...Hot Air has LGF's Audio/video.
But I find it curious how Children can be so completely observant... After all, efforts to secure a nation are not to be without consideration for those of the future... And as the news relayed the "screaming peace demands"... my neighbor's ten year old asks:

"If the peace people want the army guys away from Iraq, who will it help? The Millions of Iraqi Voters? The Iraqi Army? The Iraqi Police? Troops in the midst of fights for weapons?"
Everyone had to admit that they didn't think so...
"Then it must be for the insurgents", she said.
If the anti-war thinks that it is hard to cut and run from Iraq, they should examine the lengthy difficulty a Democracy has, trying to get a conviction for failed bombing attacks...
21 July trial: Week one summary .
Bomb plot suspect 'strolled away'
After 52 killed, a second wave of bombing attempts; view the:
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