US Leader in More Resistant Fuel Energy

I suppose that for the sake of the Democrat Congress 'focus' on our challenges in Iraq, many do not realize that the US is rapidly developing technologies far advanced and superior to many energy producers of the world...

And in the face of various world challenges for Fuel availability, we are helping many countries around the world survive tough Political challenges, presented to them by their oil producers...
Temelin nuke plant shuts down
first unit for fuel replacement

Read more about the various US patents and developments:
DOE National Laboratory Directors
Highlight Merits of GNEP...

And what's new for the United States?
GNEP, part of President Bush's Advanced Energy Initiative, will support advanced technologies to recycle spent nuclear fuel and promote emissions-free nuclear energy in a more proliferation-resistant manner. President Bush requested $250M in fiscal year 2007 for GNEP.

The GNEP Technology Demonstration Program is based on a five-year technology plan, which is being developed in consultation with scientists from the DOE's national labs. Three major demonstration facilities are expected to be built, following the decision on the technologies in fiscal year 2008:
Michigan poised to become leader in alternative fuels

Bold Policies Make Washington,
D.C. an Alternative Fuel Leader
New Projections and US Forecasts:
Separate the high-energy elements of used nuclear fuel that can be recycled.
Develop fast burner reactors that can convert these high-energy elements into electricity and shorter lived isotopes, reducing the volume and toxicity of the waste.
Integrate modern nuclear materials management concepts into each step of the fuel cycle to increase safeguards confidence. Close the nuclear fuel cycle through research and technologies for recycling fuel and fabricating fuel suitable for recycling.

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