11% Solution: Ending Gloom and Doom

Disease, starvation, oppression... All correctable problems, which (together) the entire world can solve...The real problem is the 11% of the world's population who live in pessimism, while placing fear and misery into the mix. An 11% who feed off of 'Gloom and Doom!'... That's why it's important for the remainder '89% of the World' to participate, and contribute to an accurate World picture... To help shift unfortunate circumstances of the World, rather than be terrorized by the 11%!
Truth is, things aren't as bad as they look.
MB: Little o'l Pokey- 07
"Should Pokey worry about becoming an artist's brush?" Nah...
(But he might choose to move out of the drive-way. :)
Don't Worry Be Happy :)
You might like this little VIDEO...
Take heart... it's the weekend!
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