The World Doth Protest Little (too late?)

If you are in Nigeria, Italy, France, Lebanon, or specific Eastern Europe locations, pay close attention to the direction of these Islamists' Coups!
Somali Islamists claimed to have captured a frontline position from Ethiopian-backed government forces while the embattled Somali prime minister warned that foreign "terrorists" had joined the ranks of the Islamic forces. Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi said that 4,000 "foreign fighters" had taken advantage of the conflict to infiltrate the lawless country. "This shows how terrorists are gaining ground in Somalia, so we are calling on the international community to be aware of what is happening in Somalia," he added.
Right now, these "take-overs" leave otherwise very decent rulers silenced, to avoid the fall of their Governments...(So they just wait.) I am not sure that the "turning inside-out" of civilization can be stopped... But if time and geography, should place this scourge on your door-step, I pray for your strength.
Somali Islamists urge Muslim fighters to join jihad
After four days of clashes between Islamist forces and pro-government troops...Dozens have been killed and hundreds wounded. Thousands of civilians openly targeted by Islamists and forced to flee their homes!...

These Militias (above) pictured with their new weapons; have just defected from the transitional federal government of Somalia, to join the movement's "holy war" against Ethiopia. Many were either forced to fight, or simply followed the chance of food for survival...And forget about aid reaching the starving and suffering of this country...(as planned.)
Thousands flee as war escalates in Somalia
Iraqi Shiites seize Sunni neighborhoods in Baghdad
'Turkish Hezbollah' issuing terror threats

Iran and Syria, jihadist ministate group's
state sponsors now march in Beruit

A Palestinian State, Sovereignty of Lebanon, Christians of Somalia, or Government of Iraq, are of ZERO IMPORTANCE to the Militant Islamists. Many just can't see this yet...
Chad at inthebullpen has this: Allah Hates Ethiopia
"Why is Allah so hateful? Allah must be to call for jihad against all of these nations, the residents therein and even those who follow his chosen faith of Islam and don’t wage war for him."
Primordial Precepts: The Bi-polar Wars

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but Still Needs a History Book

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