Iran: The Cost Without Ratification

The Iranian Regime's continued reluctance to take the necessary time and cooperation, needed to safely secure enrichment within this technology, is difficult to understand. And so typical is their leadership's attempt to "twist" the World's need for regulation, by making their request "the culprit."
Stovsky-06; Iranian Nuclear Program -Bushehr
Europeans push for vote on Iran resolution by weekend
A majority of World powers have remained with an enormous obligation to hold Iran accountable, in order to uphold the safety of this technology. Coupled with Iran's threats of annihilating Israel, threats of retaliation towards those who support sanctions, and Straits of Hormuz, closure...A re-think of sanctions have faced constant vetoes by those with Iranian business dealings...

Targeting a freeze to 11 entities, involved in Iran's sensitive nuclear and missile programs, Ahmadinejad said:
"The bullying powers today, in confronting Iran's peaceful nuclear technology, are faced with a sea of courageous people," he added in a speech in Gilan-e Gharb town, in Iran's western Kermanshah province."
Russia wants delay in vote on Iran sanctions at UN
The $800 million light-water reactor (built by Russia for Tehran) at Bushehr; is claimed to be "exempted in the resolution"... Last month a Russian underground site indicated that Russia is waiting to receive further payment from Iran... When I returned to this site, the post had been removed! I can only imagine the difficulty at which Russia might be facing, when dealing with Iran.
Russian diplomats have said that they want to dilute the resolution's demand for a freeze of financial assets of a list of Iranian companies and called for a distinction between legal and illegal activities of these firms...
The resolution says these firms could still access funds for legal activities governed by prior contacts but Russia apparently wanted to remove the word "prior."
"I do not think there is going to be a vote tomorrow (Friday)," Moscow's U.N. ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, told reporters in a recess during the talks among the six nations. "Maybe Saturday, yes, but clearly we will need tomorrow for further thinking and maybe further discussions of the draft resolution," Churkin said...More
Participants in the talks reported, on condition of anonymity, that Russian President Vladimir Putin was himself conducting consultations in Moscow.
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