Iraq: World resisted Peace-Keeping Efforts

Who didn't notice when the Iraqis became living, breathing testimony (against all odds) of a people successfully removed from, dictatorial rule to sovereign nation? I distinctly recall that it was the politics of one half of the nation of Iraq's liberators, who only had eyes to build platform for a Whitehouse return.

Not to worry...58 percent and 70 percent of eligible Iraqi voters, dodged bullets as they continued to turn out for the elections (January - December 2005)... Who couldn't see that every moment of their new-found sovereignty and establishment of Iraqi constitution, they fought the LABEL: "illegal war."
Markan-UK Dec. 19th; Defending Their Survival

At such time after Saddam's removal and de-Baathification was complete; a new level of militarization in this war, spelled its shift into a full int'l peace-keeping effort...The challenge against effort, thwarted the peace-keeping, and prevented a full int'l support. Could it have prevented the current tragedy?

I believe that the effort of Iraqi Freedom was humble; and in the background the least humble intention was the formation of 'Islamic States.' But now, as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have infiltrated the institutions of the Iraqi state (once again forming a 'state within a state')...We see destabilized governments, and our soldiers fighting 5 enemies at once!
al-qa`ida, the loyalists to the ex-president, the criminals,
the sectarian militias and the domestic insurgents

Allahpundit has more about the various insurgents in Iraq

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James Joyner posts: White House and Joint
Chiefs Clash Over More Troops

Meanwhile, is there not a single country in the
World who is not at war with Radical Islamists?
Jihadwatch: Neighboring Thai villages at center
of violence between Muslims, Buddhists

Iraqslogger posts :
VIDEO: Exposed: Sadr's Ramblings, Anxieties
Embarrassing Leaked Video Shows Sadr, Deputies Bickering
"The Video came one day after the Pentagon identified his Mahdi Army as eclipsing al Qaeda in Iraq as "the most dangerous accelerant" of violence in that country. (Arabic) Nir Rosen gives the translation."

Basilsblog: Iraq War Refugees Trapped in Limbo
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