Villains Alone: Forging the Wild Frontier

RETRACTION: They're not alone... They have thugs, terrorists, and world rejects; as they threaten to stop payment on (and halt) current business dealings...This has never been about an "inherent philosophy"...It is about sending an entire culture "packing" under threat of a nuclear bomb...
...And a new era to usher in "Villains with bombs."

Entirely odd as it might seem… The Iranian Regime insists upon maintaining its position to forge ahead, and today (Dec 27, 2006) the Iranian Parliament has voted to accelerate this enrichment process, amidst the World's “Completely reasonable set of requests.” These requests were not designed to halt the program (per say) but stop enrichment in the midst of “removal of Israel” threats...
Iran's Parliament has also voted to revise dealings
with the International Atomic Energy Agency.
There is a bit of "Terror" in this, reminiscent of Iraqi destabilization... I guess their PR is only used to destabilize neighbors; and not to build a place in honor amongst the world community.
A must read by Inthebullpen:
Iran is Already at War with the West

Another must read by the Captain:
So The Message Got Delivered, Then
"An internal removal of the mullahcracy and the establishment of a real democracy offers the safest and most effective path to prevent nuclear proliferation"
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