U.S. Dollar: Turbulence or Calm "Shared"

FNB economist Cees Bruggemans is positive about what the economy has in store for us next year...And gives:
Five scenarios for 2007, one outcome
"After the reality shock of the second quarter when rand and
global asset markets suddenly encountered selling pressure...#
Markell Ltd-06; Current Currency
An interesting article on the US Dollar decline assessment:
The perils of a currency crash are not nearly as great as they were in the days of the dollar's absolute dominance 30 or 40 years ago. Globalization has led to the development of a number of growth centers in the world economy which share the burden of turbulence. Gone are the days when an American finance minister could boast: "The dollar is our currency, but it's your problem."
Article translated from the German by Christopher Sultan
-A Spiegel article By Christian Reiermann asks:
How Dangerous is the Dollar Drop?
The US currency's role as a lead currency isn't as important as it used to be, currency experts and the German government say.
Excerpt: "The Americans, for their part, welcomed foreign investment. For them, it was almost a tradition to save very little and spend more than they earned -- essentially achieving affluence on credit. Foreigners financed the Americans' almost obsessive consumer spending, which spurred worldwide economic growth for years."
European info...
Alex Serkov- 06; "Young Euro"
-View Chart of:
Value of Euro in Dollar terms
with German exports by region
"The Future is in Futures" by Pearce Financial, LLC:
Trade Alert: Short Euro currency
Long Swiss Franc Spread
Other financial News:
Financial Times: NYSE vote approves Euronext deal
" Rival efforts to create the first transatlantic exchange and industry champions in Europe and the US have also left regulators with a tough task in overseeing a rapidly-evolving sector."
US stocks surge
"“What you’re seeing is window dressing, people want to finish up the year looking like they own the best names,” said Philip S. Dow."
Steve Verdon (outsidethebeltway) posts:
Good News In the Housing Market
Providing the latest info, an excellent link, and a caution.

Can the bull keep running? They are suggesting: "Invest abroad and diversify. Our experts think the resource boom can't last forever."
joscafe | basilsblog | ConservativeCat
womanhonorthyself (thanks for link!)

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