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James Joyner (outsidethebeltway) posts:
Rumsfeld Pays Farewell Visit to Troops in Iraq
Image: R. D. Ward
The 74-year-old veteran politician listed a series of accomplishments during his tenure, ranging from fighting "terrorists all across the globe" to aiding millions of victims of natural disasters.
Read the Full list at US Defenselink:
In 6 years, he lead hundreds of intelligence and tactical operations, Liberated 31 million Afghans from Taliban control while destroying Al-Qaeda sanctuary, Liberated 26.7 million Iraqis from a brutal dictatorship; turned over of sovereignty to an Iraqi government in 16 months...The Recruiting, Organizing, Training, and Equipping of Iraqi and Afghan Security Forces; the securing and Conducting of safe and secure elections in Afghanistan and Iraq; the capture and elimination of Forty-five of fifty-five of Saddam’s top regime; and the thwart of hundreds of attacks against our troops, the American people and our allies...
II. Shaping The Joint Force for Asymetric Warfare
-Most significant reorganization in a generation, from a division-based structure to 70 modular brigade combat teams.
-$21 billion invested in the National Guard for equipment and modernization so that, for the first time, the Guard will be fully manned, equipped, and funded.
Shift of thousands of troops from Institutional Army “tail” to Operational Army “tooth.”
-Development of Future Combat System.
-Ended Cold War legacy programs, such as the Crusader artillery and Comanche helicopter programs.

-New Fleet Response Plan doubles the number of Carrier Strike Groups that can be deployed at short notice.
-“Sea swaps” of crews allow longer deployment of ships.
-Started the development of the new Littoral Combat Ship designed to satisfy the urgent requirement for shallow draft vessels to operate in coastal waters.
-Conversion of Trident ballistic missile submarines to vessels that can carry Special Forces and launch UAVs.

-Created expeditionary strike groups with U.S. Marine Corps with many capabilities optimized for GWOT operations.
-Created Marine Corps Special Operations Command.

Air Force
-Created Air Expeditionary Groups for better efficiency and flexibility.
-Increased Unmanned Aerial Vehicles from 130 to over 3,000.
-More than 100 satellites and nearly 100 aircraft are controlled and flown daily by 26,000 Airmen to provide valuable intelligence, warning, and precision navigation to forces around the globe.
-Provide the joint / coalition force with global networking and space-based communications, navigation, weather, and surveillance information.

Irregular Warfare
-107 percent budget increase in Special Forces.
-New technologies and tactics to counter IED threat.
-Foreign-language skills and area expertise increased throughout the force.
-Increased focus on stability operations.
-New counterinsurgency manual and doctrine issued.

Missile Defense—Limited operating capability implemented:
-Emplaced 11 ground-based interceptors in Alaska and 2 in California to address long-range threats (ICBMs with range of approximately 10,000 miles).
-The first operational patrol of Aegis BMD long-range surveillance and tracking equipped destroyers was in the Sea of Japan in September 2004; today, 10 Aegis BMD -Destroyers are Long-Range Surveillance and Track capable; one Aegis BMD Destroyer is Engagement capable and two Aegis BMD Cruisers are Engagement capable.
Since 2001, 22 hit-to-kill intercept tests have destroyed their targets.
On September 1, 2006, the last test of the ground-based interceptors exceeded its objectives by destroying a mock ballistic missile in space.
The BMDS transitioned from developmental to operational status.

Nuclear Triad: New structure of offensive weapons, defensive weapons bound together by an enhanced command and control, and intelligence systems. Read the Full list at US Defenselink...
Joscafe | basilsblog |Right Truth

-Thehillchronicles posts: One Class Act:
"Outgoing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld bid troops in Iraq a farewell over the weekend in a surprise visit there. While there Mr. Rumsfeld said, “American forces should not quit the war until the enemy is defeated."

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