House Votes: PNTR Vietnam Trade Bill

US Congress passes tax, trade bill in final hours
"Just hours before it ended, the Republican-led 109th Congress sent U.S. President George W. Bush legislation early on Saturday to normalize trade with former enemy Vietnam, renew popular tax cuts and open the Gulf of Mexico to new oil and gas drilling."
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"Permanent normal trade relations" (PNTR) approval was very important, given the need to move beyond remnants of history (both psychologically and economically) It also shows that:
"There is life after war."
I’m glad to see that the house has approved the vote. (Narrow at: 212-184) on a package of several trade bills aimed at increasing exports, and enhancing US competitiveness... Read more

Other Activity before the Congress exchanges:

The House approved $289 million over five years for states to train volunteers and provide services to the estimated 50 million families caring at home for adults and children with special needs. The sponsor, Rep. Mike Ferguson, R-N.J.

-Congress on Wednesday did send to the president a measure to renew the $2.1 billion-a-year Ryan White CARE Act for the prevention and treatment of AIDS.

-A plan to open 8 million offshore acres in the Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas drilling.

-An abandoned coal mine bill, estimated to cost $5 billion over 10 years.

-Three dozen mostly non-controversial bills (and more)

-House and Senate lawmakers were also working on renewing tax breaks that affect millions of people. The breaks include deductions for research and development, for college tuition and for taxpayers whose states do not have an income tax.
(The end of tax-cuts is near!)
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