Regime Tools: Democracy and Hague

As the Mullah's Government, demand "rights to freedom of expression" it goes to show, even a repressive totalitarian regime, barks if silenced...
-Hot Air posted a December 7:
Video: Iran’s UN ambassador Zarif complains
his free speech stifled, attacks Fox News

These are the people who deny the privilege of a fair trial & representation to their citizens; as they deny press freedoms, and freedom of speech. These are the Leaders who arrest and flog those who choose to peacefully assemble...
...And “hang citizens of their country, in the streets!"
Image: Mohama-06; Mullahs: "Enrichment Security."
Iran may file lawsuit at The Hague over nuclear rights
Where is the ACLU...I'm surprised that they're not "all over this story" and sitting on the bench right next to them... Our soldiers die to give those a Democratic voice, Iran pines for that voice; and through the International Courts attempts to legitimatize UN and IAEA Int'l violations (while boasting of elevated centrifuge) in order to limit the rights of the community!

-According to Hindu news:
"Iran announced for the first time in February that it had enriched uranium using 164 centrifuges, and it confirmed last month that it has stepped up uranium enrichment by injecting gas into a second network of centrifuges. Uranium enrichment at low levels can be used to produce fuel to generate electricity but at higher levels can be used to make atomic bombs."
Destabilizing the US war effort in Iraq; and offering to help withdraw?

-Additional posts and more:
The Captain posts:
Iran: We'll Help US Retreat
"Now they have put more effort into killing American soldiers in Iraq by supplying and training their Shi'ite proxies, like Moqtada al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army -- and the "realists" want to have Iran take part in determining the future of Iraq."
Great post by Righttruth :
Iran expands uranium enrichment
and Olmert calls for dramatic steps

Nasrallah Urges Overthrow of
Lebanese Government; Siniora Fights Back
” Would it surprise anyone to know the ISG did not talk to anyone in the besieged Lebanese government before they made their report final?”
James Joyner posts:
Iran Offers to Help U.S. Exit from Iraq
"Well, yes. And if wishes were fishes, we’d all have some fried."

Time mag shocker: Iran *hearts* Iraq Study Group
(Allahpundi at Hot Air gives an excellent run-down)

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