Lebanon and the ISG Fear Ripple

America has been known to have its share of PR problems; again and again, after the invasion of Iraq... But the ISG was one briefing which might have been a good review before release. Not only did it infuriate the Kurds, it sent a fear ripple of "1990 re-run" across Lebanon... And that's not all...
Iraq report gives some Lebanese cause to sweat
Jamal Saidi; "Lebanese choose harmony"
Iraq's : Talabani rejects US report
And (of course) Kurdistan:
Iraqi Kurds seek damage control after report

Concerning Lebanon... According to an article: at DaudieD:
"Worse still, no national leadership has yet emerged that would transcend sectarian considerations and adopt the idea of ‘nation’ as an alternative. Talk of patriotism in this case is no more than an ideological cover-up concealing a dominant sectarian tendency.

It is a justification or cover for inviting outside support and entrenching sectarian balances. More strange still, the Lebanese political forces seem almost to agree on rejecting the idea that the balances principle is in direct contradiction with patriotism and democracy."
Syria used to be the deciding factor in the sectarian balances game. This is over, but the balances themselves are still there. Without changing the political system of these ‘balances’ Lebanon will not come out of its vicious circles of dilemmas, which has now lasted for over eighty years....

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