Ahmadinezhad: Free All Political Prisoners

I challenge Ahmadinezhad to: release all political prisoners arrested for exercising Freedom of speech; and LIFT PRESS RESTRICTIONS to meet International Human Rights' standards!
Hypocrisy: While manipulating the Media of the FREE WORLD, Iran imposes long sentences, torture and death to those who exercise free Speech:
Examples: here, here, and here
Click-image "University Alive!
-Today: Iranian students interrupted Ahmadinezhad's speech chanting slogans such as:
"Down with the dictator!" "Free political prisoners!"
and "Freedom of women is freedom of humanity!"
-Ahmadinezhad's narrow reply:
"A small number of people who claim there is oppression are
creating oppression and do not let the majority hear (my) words."
(If you're as wonderful as you say, Iranians would be set free! "DO IT NOW!")

-Other views:

Hot air has the VIDEO
michellemalkin | StoptheACLU | Billbites

-And just who is NOT welcome to visit a "FREE" Iran?
The Captain posts:
Holocaust Scholars Are Not Welcome In Iran
LGF shows the:
luminaries from the field of genocidal hatred
Mehdi Khalaji, from the Washington Center for Near East Policy says:
"Westerners believe Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad to be popular in Iran, in no small part because of his strong support for Iran’s nuclear program. However, there is much evidence to the contrary."

"Criticism of Ahmadinezhad does not come only from people outside the regime; parliament has refused many of his main proposals. The first legislation Ahmadinezhad presented parliament would have created the Mehr Reza Fund, a pool of money to be used for small-scale individual subsidies to help people pay for such things as weddings and mortgages. The proposal died last month when parliament took the fund off its agenda. Source.
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