UPDATE: Saddam Executed

UPDATE: Done! Drudge reports:
Saddam Hussein hanged, says Al Hurra TV station
Shortly before 6 a.m. (0300 GMT) on Saturday...
-Was writing this...
Much has been said...And many lives taken by Saddam loyalists who seek to return him to power or disprove the ability of a Free Iraq. Someday all tribes will find the WILL to merge, and I believe that the portion of the Arab world who continue to refute this notion, also deny that Peace is the ultimate goal. Any rough journey is greater than a destination which invalidates Freedom!
Someday it will ring, but meanwhile, Saddam must go!
MB: To Late to Give Choices
Aside from the need for closure for Iraq; this will be the second most important sign of Iraqi Governmental control. The first, of course, was the formation of a Free Iraqi Government. And now, we hope that the Iraqis' need to exercise the powers of their government will not be halted by a portion of the US government who "petition for Iraq's exercise to take more control” before they quickly "petition to halt their ability"...

The following posts Express:
-Mohammed (Iraq the model) says:
Year 2007 will definitely be without
Saddam walking on the ground
"It's going to be a long night but it looks like the
morning will bring the news Iraqis have long waited for."

-As the Captain predicted:
The Execution Is A Go For Tonight ... Perhaps

Planck's Constant: Russell's Paradox
and the Execution of Saddam Hussein

Outside the Beltway posts:
Saddam to be Hanged by Sunday *UPDATE: Tonight*
The Right Nation: Sic Semper Tyrannis
Full updates at: Memeorandum

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