Russia Fuel Smear, an Iranian Influence?

Russia Belarus Gas Pricing Row Sparks Jitters in Europe
This embarrassing deadlock had an "Iranian Ahmadinejad feel" to it...So, looking into the archives...I'm Correct! But, where does this leave the Belarusians during a slow power struggle to weaken Russia? Read story!

Iran to Expand Cooperation With Belarus in All Spheres
-From an earlier meeting, this year in Iran, to discuss boosting trade and economic cooperation between the two countries; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said:
“Iran is interested in cooperation with Belarus and is ready to develop interaction in all spheres.” The Iranian leader said cooperation agreements in industry, education, science, technology and other spheres will be concluded soon.

Ahmadinejad said Belarus and Iran are powerful and independent countries having excellent relations. “Our countries decisively want to develop cooperation, and I am sure the visit by the Belarusian president will mark a new stage in bilateral relations,” he said.
As you know, Russia and Belarus are meeting to try and defuse a gas war that could threaten supplies to the EU. The spat raises new concerns about EU energy dependence on Russia...
Read the Captain's: Belarus Doubles Down

With cries by Belarus of "Blackmail" yet has cost Russia more than $35 billion over the past 10 years, Belarus lies sandwiched between Russia and the European Union, as they threaten to retaliate by refusing to allow transit of Russian gas to Europe, potentially hitting supplies in Germany, Lithuania and Poland...

-Rick Moran cites a trail of mismanagement, incompetence, and corruption of governmental dealings, found within the Iranian Regime:
Iran's meetings with Lukashenko, sounds like a well calculated insurance policy, while Putin grasps to keep business deals with Iran in place, during threat of sanctions... Does Iran's collaborative effort with Lukashenko, attempt to slowly weaken Russia's fuel 'strong-hold' on the region?

When Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko says he will not give in to Russian demands that it pay more for fuel, he means it. But can these people last through the winter? He told them to burn "whatever" to keep warm...but are the Belarusians in danger as he pursues other options outside of his agreement with Russia?

Most prefer a merge with Russia!
Read what the Belarussians want!

The Captain speaks of the deepening effects:
Belarus Gets The Ukrainian Treatment From Its Pal

Putin congratulated Lukashenko with his mock victory, and tried to protect his business dealings together with Iran...Have Iranian interventions placed Russia in a Difficult position? Security sanctions take on a whole different meaning...
blog posts on Belarus at The Truth Laid Bear

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