Gerald Ford: Paying Respects

UPDATE 12-30-06: Our 'sky and city' was filled with the memory of a patriot, this morning...which strengthens and instills confidence that sometimes greatness is not measured by the largest sphere of political influence...
Sometimes Greatness, just "IS"...

12-29-06: Just returned this evening from St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, after paying my respects to a great man, and former President, Gerald Ford. In the morning his casket will be flown on to Washington to lie in state, in the Capitol Rotunda, for others to pay their tribute...
Photo by JL: FOX
Everywhere throughout our town, at the funeral, and as I drove home; I am reminded of the incredible contribution that he and family have made in our lives, communities, hospitals, and dozens of developments (both here, and in Vail.)...A carry-over of the living support he provided, when he helped to reinstill faith for our nation, in difficult times...
Photo by MB: Crews completed 12-29-06
Hundreds of News crews were lined up for miles, as thousands of Ford-friends arrived... I stayed late, and many of the news-casters were folding up... Caught a picture of FOX (pictured above) by far the nicest...

Thought you might like this little tribute:
CSMonitor: interview-Click-image-to-View
Godfrey Sperling Jr., a longtime Washington bureau chief for the Monitor, began covering Gerald Ford in the 1950s when the future president was running for re-election to Congress...
The two sons of the Midwest seemed to enjoy each other's company. A picture of them chatting in the Oval Office was a feature of Sperling's office. Mr. Ford was the first US president to attend the newsmaker breakfast for reporters that Sperling hosted for 40 years, and well after the former president left office, they remained in touch. A note sent to Sperling for his 90th birthday came with "warmest regards." "That's Jerry," he said.
blog posts on Gerald Ford at The Truth Laid Bear
Rick Moran clears up a few things
...As does the Captain

Ford saved 700 lives as Navy lieutenant

VIDEO: Contributions which have spread "world-wide"
to help heal the Culture of America!

blog posts on link to gerald ford at The Truth Laid Bear

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