Somalia: The Hunt for Al-Qaeda Continues

AFP-B.Ahari: Somali Transitional Fed. Gov.
P. M. Ali Mohamed Gedi; parliamentarians/Mogadishu
-Crushing the Hub of Al-Qaeda Terror Operatives
As the Somalia forces, along with their Ethiopian military support, drove out the Islamic militias, who seized their capital; crowds of thousands came to greet the Prime Minister... A message forwarded from PM Ali Mohamed Gedi to the clan elders in Mogadishu:
"There are certain people wanted by the international community, and by us... and if you can tell us their whereabouts, we would appreciate it...And that would be a sign of collaboration.”
The task to purge Somalia of Al-Qaeda suspects speeds
-Interesting comment (below) from a reader!
AFP-B.Ahari: Flushing out Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys loyalists
READER'S COMMENT: It is wonderful to hear what real men, fighting a war, can do when they are not hampered by "Political Correctness;" treasoness politicians, AKA, Democrat Party; seditionist Media; anarchist Liberals and socialist.

The USA could have won the war in Irag four years ago had they not adhered to the nonsense of fighting a war using the stupid requirement of "Rules of Engagement." The only rule of war is to win and be victorious. No other rule is logical or necessary.

Thankfully, the Ethiopians do not have traitors like John Kerry, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, John Conyers, Charles Rangel and the ACLU and C.A.I.R., just to name a few. Therefore they were able to go into Somalia and destroy the religion of hate, ISLAM/ Muslims, with impunit and fight a war as wars should be fought.

The feminist influenced ethos of Political correctness has allowed our enemies to achieve victories that would never have been possible when America fought wars to win and not to appease.

The USA should take a lesson fron Ethiopia and kill, destroy and defeat the enemy in Iraq and anywhere else in the world where our survival as a nation is at risk. The USA must not be ashamed to be a nation under GOD, and must not be afraid to be number 1.
Respect is the name of the game; not the approval of the UN or any other world entity.
Even in the year 2006, as in times past, evil does exist and is alive a doing quite well. Evil never surrenders, it must be destroyed. -Mtesa Tirhaka
The captain posts: Islamists Bug Out Of Somalia

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