Iranian Elections: Moderate Shift

Beware of ridiculing one man's failure...
It just might be your own.
The Parliament lists partisans of Ahmadinejad, having obtained only three seats out of the fifteen of the town council of the capital, paving a very clear victory of former president, Centrist Cleric Akbar Hachémi Rafsandjani...
Let's review the philosophies of Cleric Rafsandjani:
Jaiveed-06; Rafsandjani & Khamenei exchange differences
As former president of the Islamic Republic of Iran of 1989 to 1997, Ali Akbar Hachemi Rafsandjani has always said, “I am against extremism and I always reject it." During all my life I was in favor of moderation.”
And so, with this election, small steps begin at which a climate of apathy might be allowed to slowly replace extremists’ values.

Rafsandjan speaks of a "population in a worrying situation of weakening of the values, dignity and individual regard, a situation of precariousness of the means of existence”, threatening “national safety and the rights and fundamental freedoms”... and says that he will want to increase the participation of the women to the public life, that it swears us all its large gods who it does not know about the inhuman punishments such as the lapidation, the execution and scourging imposed to the Iranian women... Read
-Article Translated from French :)

The Iranian student's hands were tied, amidst Ayatollah Khamenei (see video)...Even as he sought to justify the imprisonment of thousands of students, journalists, and bloggers, while rallying support for neighboring military destabilizations...This government's repressive policies towards the media (above all, the restrictions and judicial harassment) must... END!
The only way to end the current deadlock in Iranian/US
differences, is by the shift of the reformers of moderation!

-Other input around the net:

-Read this excellent post by Rick Moran:
Pragmatists Gaining Ground in Iran
Rick reminds us that: "While the regime manipulates the election, Ahmadinejad is not without his own ability to fiddle with the vote."

Another dose of reality:
James Joyner (outsidethebeltway)...
Ahmadinejad Supporters Lose in Local Elections
"Were Iran a democracy, this would be significant news indeed."

And also views at Perri Nelson's Website:
A Decisive Defeat for Ahmadinejad

And while the students, dangerously come forth:
The Captain posts: Dissent In Iran And Its Aftermath
"This week, the same students have gone
on the run, in fear of the Iranian president."

Allahpundit at Hotair posts: Iranian students in hiding
after heckling Ahmadinejad

Inthebullpen posts: Iran Cracks Down on Student Protestors
"The international community that cares about regime change in Iran must respond and show those students who are targeted are important figures."

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