Hamas: A Vote will Explode the Region

Militant Islamists are claiming that a:
Call for vote will explode the region
Never mind that everywhere you look there is the same "bleak" picture of "thug losers" with heavy artillery, exchanging rounds in the streets...And of whose factional violence this year, have claimed over 320 Palestinian lives...
Ryamed-06; "Haniya fears his own shadow!"
(And it's no wonder.)
The captain has this to say:
The Real Civil War (Updated)
"Perhaps this is the only way in which the Palestinians will get tired of war. It's unfortunate, because this could have been resolved a decade ago if Yasser Arafat had the courage to accept Ehud Barak's two-state solution."

Now this morning we are told:
Palestine factions agree on ceasefire
"The accord was confirmed by Hamas spokesman Ismail Radwan, who told AFP that the ceasefire pact stipulates that "armed men must stop circulating on the streets."

The Palestinian's long string of 'no-result' during over half a century of warring: Arafat (PLO) and Hamas; and now, Abbas (PLO) and Hamas...leave me to wonder how the Palestinians can still believe that rocket launchings against Israel, and mis-management by militant leadership, can ever hope to bring result...And what percentage of success towards their state, have they been given by groups who fight amongst themselves without addressing Israel's proposals?

And as Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya arrived back home in Gaza City, earlier this week (following a tour of Arab countries and Iran.) He is said to have collected commitments for the Palestinians... (One really has to wonder what percentage of monies donated to the Palestinians, will actually reach the Palestinians.)

Insidethebullpen remarks about:
Fatah Border Guard Ambushes
Hamas Palestinian Prime Minister
"That’s odd Sudan would give money to Hamas when there are refugee camps filled with people who could better use the funds."
Joscafe | basilsblog

AllahPundit posts: Abbas calls for elections,
pushing Palis towards civil war

And gives the possible outcomes!

A Blog for All posts:
The Ceasefire that Never Was
"Just remember, you cannot call this
a civil war until Matt Lauer does."

Prosandcons posts: The Palestinian “Authority”
has rapidly maturing voters

LGF: World's Shortest Ceasefire Ends, AP Shills
For once, I would like to see the Palestinian people gain more voice, to pull this conflict away from warring militants, as they reach an agreement with Israel.

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