Reconciliation: Hopes for Strength in Iraq

Successful attendance at the reconciliation conference in Baghdad...With ideas to be presented before Parliament...

The conference included the secret arrival of Tony Blair, who expressed his support for his counterpart Nouri Al-Maliki, and engaged in discussions with President Jalal Talabani... After which, Blair Left to Basra (South) where he supported the courage of the 7100 British soldiers, deployed in the area...

...Although Blair still faces growing pressure
to withdraw the British quota in Iraq.
Proposed, were a series of “recommendations” by Mr. Maliki; outlining the return to the army by former members of the Baath party (single ex-party under the mode of Saddam Hussein.) This proposal was designed to unite and meet the best interests of Peace and reconciliation, amongst all those who will contribute to the stability of the Iraqi government...

The Captain has this:
"De-Baathification had its uses in the early days of occupation, but it has been a stumbling block for quite a while now. The Iraqis need to reconcile all of its internal factions to create a working civil society and to rebuild its infrastructure."
According to AFP who quotes the spokesman:
The various proposals made with the conference “are declarations of good intention which still remain to be implemented”, however recognized Nasser Al-Ani, spokesman of the conference. “Only one important practical measurement was recommended”, which must be still presented by Mr. Maliki before the Parliament, “it is the payment of significant pensions to the former soldiers”, explained Mr. Ani.
More Iraq news:
Don Surber posts this excellent article:
Newsweek reporter: 'Iraqis are more optimistic
about the future than most Americans are'

And read this post at outsidethebeltway:
Is Iraq a Democracy?
(James Joyner posts what the State Department
determines to be 'The Pillars of Democracy')

Iraq: Political Parties Consider Uniting Against Al-Sadr
"We call for resolving the militia issue, which is
certainly the key to defusing the crisis."

Allahpundit gives us: surprising info about Iraq

Rice reflects: "If you are at all responsible for the decision to overthrow Saddam Hussein, you feel a personal responsibility
for what's going on there every day,"
"she said.
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