What Part of Jihad is Rhetorical?

According to a report presented to the UN secretary general Kofi Annan...
(11 . 13 . 06) "It is Politics, and not Religion" which lies at the root of a growing divide between Muslim and western societies...
The Guardian is reporting:
"An international panel of scholars, politicians and religious leaders
warned that cultural stereotypes were turning negotiable disputes
into "seemingly intractable identity-based conflicts" and that the
Clash-of-civilizations theory has obscured "the real nature of the
predicament the world is facing."Full story

Additionally the UN states:
"The Israeli-Palestinian issue has become a key symbol of the rift and is one of the gravest threats to international stability"...(says the report.)
Figaro; Abbas gives an 11/11/06 Arafat Tribute
(WARNING: "You just might faint!")

For many years, the word, “Jihad” was said to be taken “out of context" (by the west.) Moderates explain that the mire mention of jihad, was said to have been a 'rhetorical question'…
But as a majority of the world respects Religious preference; a majority of Moderates sympathize with the method of the Palestinians…At what point does “Jihad" go beyond the state of "Rhetorical?"
I am left to think...
Aren't these panels of scholars addressing issues with the wrong party? Expecting non-Muslims to understand challenges, while making corrections and distinctions within the Muslim religion, might (perhaps) explain why Muslims say that they are experiencing both an "inter-cultural" divide, and incorrect feed-back...
...After hundreds of years.
A chief custom of Palestine: The Child Shahid
(Child Suicide Bombers)
And what becomes so difficult for the west to understand, is the Muslim's inability to identify the culprit in order to seek resolution to their crisis. They say that Israel is the cause of the problem; yet they do not speak out (to these groups) against the custom of Palestinian 'child suicide bombers.'

In the UN report, Annan refers to " individuals or small groups." Perhaps they would do well to audit these numbers, to see if they might just end up being "millions of jihadists" rather than which was previously thought...

-Captain Ed posts some (maybe)... good news, and more information:
Palestinian Coalition Talks Get Serious

Honoring Arafat: 11 . 13 . 06
(and awaiting the "honor" of Martyrdom.)
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123beta posts a promo VIDEO link
to an "Extremists Agenda" in: Exposed

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