Iranian Nukes & Resistance: Blair's Way

Blair - we must work with 'Axis of Evil' states
Holding out the prospect of engagement with two countries; with a clear choice: Partnership or isolation... Of course, Ahmadinejad will continue, because he will be "just another security"... But one has to think about what portion of over 70 million Iranians (now living history beyond the "Revolution") might wish to take the obvious gain of Blair path...
-Allah Pundit posts:
VIDEO: Blair Calls for Partnership with Iran
Article excerpt:
"So utterly devastating is this article to Blair’s
proposal for dialogue that I’m tempted to believe it’s
disinformation.... Problem is, it’s not the first report
that’s placed Saif al-Adel inside Iran."
-We envision "The Cult of Death Target" as one hinged upon the re-distribution of power in Europe, as the "Peaceful Movements" have already started Jihad in the UK:
-View this Video at Hotair:
VIDEO: BBC Newsnight Investigates Jihad in the UK

-And this news at outsidethebeltway:
Good news from Iran -C.P: theglitteringeye
Article excerpt: "I believe that the U. S. and Iran need to treat each other’s interests in the region with more respect and negotiate; and I believe that we should be actively working to deter Iran from developing and using nuclear weapons."
Iran: Coaching the Next Nuke Jihadists?

-Chad at Inthebullpen posts this:
Iran Training Successor to OBL
Article excerpt: “Indeed, as logic would dictate, this news would deal a blow to Blair’s statement that Iran needs to be a partner of peace in the Middle East, at least depending on what Blair meant exactly by that remark.”

And Captain Ed has this to say:
Iran Politicking For Control Of Al-Qaeda
Article excerpt: “It is a perfectly straightforward and clear strategy. It will only be defeated by an equally clear one: to relieve these pressure points one by one and then, from a position of strength, to talk."

Thepoliticalpitbull weighs in:
Iran Wants Alliance With Al Qaeda
Article excerpt: "In many ways, this nightmare scenario is inevitable. Iran--and other rogue nations--will eventually use terrorist organizations as their proxies to fight the West."
Yes... I (too) think it is inevitable...Unity, friendships, and Global harmony sound more like a "sugar-lump" in a spot of tea; but to me (regardless the scenario) there exist an underlying reality:
Technological advancement has made more apparent the global competition for resources, as an 'uneven distribution of material wealth and political order.'

...We are seeing the utilization of terror for revenge and global prominence; with dominance over one culture's sovereignty, freedoms, and the religious decision...
-Hopefully, there may not be a need for this to get much uglier... MB

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