Italy has its own Immigration Woes

When it comes to US border-fence complaints and media attacks...
Normally it's the Banks and their affiliates who rely heavily upon the flow of U.S. ”Catch and Release” to produce billions of dollars of annual- "Mexico-U.S. wire-transfers" (from Mexican income earners)
-But today, the most un-likely of all complaints:
Vatican cardinal says U.S.-Mexico fence "inhuman"
Aerial Photo: Piazza San Pietro and the Vatican Palace
(St. Peter's Basilica; backyard of the Vatican)
But, if we look further into a problem at which EVERY country faces; we see that solutions remain as individual as are the concerns for the country's safety, and (or) the Tax-payer revenues for its citizens...
First: There is not a country who can handle "unlimited" immigration. In Italy alone, Clandestine arrivals from North Africa increased by 67.9% (in absolute terms, from 13,594 to 22,824) between 2004 and 2005. At the end of 2005, almost one in three (32.4%) illegal immigrants arriving in Italy came from Morocco. In 2004, the figure was barely 2.4%. Source
Second: let's be fair...To declare that a Country's immigration
policies are "inhuman"... is to take for granted that
ones own immigration policies are in order...

-Which (for Italy) is clearly not the case:
-Perhaps Cardinal Renato Martino, should examine the
immigration Woes of his own country:
-The economist sites on Aug 24th, 2006:
Another 79; Off the Italian island of Lampedusa.
"HAD they died in terrorist attacks,
it would have been front-page news."

ROME | October 7, 2004 -Tracy Wilkinson
Italy begins mass expulsion of illegal immigrants
"On Sunday, a fishing boat that set sail from Tunisia sank after reportedly splitting in two under the weight of its passengers. Sixty-four people drowned or were missing...

At the weekend, about 2600 migrants landed at Lampedusa Island (Sicily) - which is geographically closer to Tunisia than Europe - and were being detained at a centre that has a capacity of 200! ("Many were handcuffed when they boarded Italian C-130s.")
-Human-rights and relief agencies said:
"Italy has broken international law because officials failed to assess whether any of the people, whose nationalities were not always clear, had legitimate asylum claims. "We risk deporting men and women who are fleeing massacres and persecution," Stefano Savi, head of the Italian branch of Medecins Sans Frontieres, told reporters. "This is an obvious violation of international law."
SMALL NOTE: Medecins Sans Frentieres: My #1- most important charity!
(View 'unrelated and extremely lengthy' French video
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