Scrapping NSA: D- Senators Dupe U.S.

READ FACTS ABOUT NSA: Setting the Record Straight

"The NSA's terrorist surveillance program is targeted at al Qaeda communications coming into or going out of the United States. It is a limited, hot pursuit effort by our intelligence community to detect and prevent attacks. Senate Democrats continue to engage in misleading and outlandish charges about this vital tool that helps us do exactly what the 9/11 Commission said we needed to do - connect the dots. It defies common sense for Democrats to now claim the administration is acting outside its authority while their own party leaders have been briefed more than a dozen times - only after there was a leak and subsequent media coverage did they start criticizing the program. Such irresponsible accusations will not keep us from acting to stay a step ahead of a deadly enemy that is determined to strike America again." #
-Essential NSA: Linking "Plans" with al Qaeda.
Why provide negative, and misleading details about NSA to the American people? They (Democrat Senators) followed the media, and anticipated an additional election platform. Without conscience, "they took it." The trouble with this type of thinking, is that it compromises the ability to provide the speed and agility needed to prosecute those caught, planning attacks, or worse: missing an opportunity to prevent attacks, altogether...

Terrorists and their sponsors claim victory of a "GOP loss" in US elections, but their true Victory lies in the deaths of innocent civilians. The Propaganda war predicted that the Democrats would plan to scrap the "Patriot Act, and NSA...Both vital tools to protect our very Nation...

Rick Moran speaks out about the numerous dishonest charges:

Jay at StoptheACLU posts this:
ACLU Push and Democrats Plan To Block NSA Legislation
"The ACLU, still fighting the NSA program in court, calls
upon Congress to block legislation for the NSA program."

Inthebullpen posts:
Feingold Wants to Kill NSA Program
Article excerpt: "It astounded me when Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) stood up and proclaimed “we killed the Patriot Act” while holding his hands up high in celebration and it will astound me when Feingold kills a bill that allows for the surveillance of suspected terrorists."
-One only needs to look around the international community and see that the target of international surveillance remains crucial to the survival of each nation! The body of this article (below) confirms that we only have one (1) chance to be right about the many aspects and facets of terrorism... Read another crucial reason to keep NSA Surveillance, in full effect:

-In an article by law Reporter Fergus Shiel:
"Australian law protects people who trained with terrorist organizations before July 2002...And at that, fewer than one in ten of Australians who have trained or been involved with al-Qaeda, Jemaah Islamiah and like-minded terrorist groups will ever face a court," nation's top spy-catcher says.
"The great majority of people in Australia, who are assessed to have trained with al-Qaeda and associated groups, remain free in the community because, among other reasons, the relevant laws did not come into force until July 2002," ASIO chief said. (Who later declined to reveal how many Australians were suspected of being involved with al-Qaeda and other terror groups.)

-But no need for alarm... (With sarcasm)
According to Foreign Minister: 20 to 25 passports for
travel have been cancelled...belonging to those who
were assessed to have posed a travel threat...

"It was only after specific threats and attacks, that countries have pursued legislative measures", Mr Richardson said. Australia's terrorism laws had been a response to real threats - exemplified by aborted, disrupted and actual attacks on Australian interests overseas...
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