Bomb Resistance, Etc

Not sure how, "bomb resistant" this suit actually is; but every time I see how "uncivilized" the militant insurgents are, I realize just how important it is to apply massive security in Iraq; and then do everything they can to...
"Keep the militants from re-entering!"
Nate Rampinij's "Anti-bomb Suit"
-Reut- 2006 Exhibition
Caption: A worker holds an anti-bomb suit at the Rebuild Iraq 2006 exhibition. Some 1,022 companies from 48 countries attend the third Int’l Rebuild Iraq Exhibition, including 38 countries participating with official national pavilions. –

Flash example (below) reflects the evolution of weaponry for New Iraq (2003) as it also sheds light on the strategy vs insurgence strongholds, which evolved.
"Defending Iraq"...After 11 years of sanctions, a New Iraq emerged with drastically deficient weaponry...But as evidence is conclusive, Saddam and Co. were embarking upon a much less complicated and much more cataclysmic out-come...
-Even though:
Media mum on evidence of Saddam's terror ties

And now, as the evolution of weaponry continues...
-This from Iran: Iran ready to help in annihilation of N-arsenals Hasn't the Iranian Regime always addressed "something else" other than the issue at hand... Again, they side-step the issue by counter-attacking with another strategy:
"The Iranian Regime is ready to contribute to annihilation of the nuclear arsenals of world big powers which are capable of destroying the world seven times over"...full story
The least probability, is forgetting Ahmadinejad's infamous speech:
Israel 'Will Be Removed', as Iranian crowds chanted:
"Death to America", "Death of Israel"...
"Nuclear energy is our undisputable right"

And wouldn’t it just be easier to work with the 190 countries, who want to be assured of Iran's intentions, and to retain integrity of NPT.
Joscafe | basilsblog

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