UN Sec.1718: Deliberate or Deliver

No doubt that security agreements and regulations of Nuclear technology are the most difficult (yet, immediately correctable) challenge which faces our little planet, today...
There appears to be two trains of thought:
Blixing the Situation- 06

The Let's "talk about it" solution

Former U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix:
"Cosmetic inspection is worse than none because that can lull states into a confidence that is false, and you can have very unpleasant surprises" he said.
And warned against the temptation to sign a deal that doesn't guarantee full cooperation...(Plutonium distribution of Let's talk)

and...The Let's "DO IT" solution

President George Bush (Friday Meeting in Tokyo)
"It's important for the world to see that the Security Council resolutions which were passed are implemented" against North Korea, Bush said. "So part of my discussions will be how we fully implement those sanctions that the world has asked for."

The TOKYO meeting on Friday, shared awareness amongst the International Community, layering the threat, with prospective solution... Specifically outlined in a ‘227-page report’ of the dangers of nuclear weapons which presented 60 steps that countries and disarmament organizations should take, mindful of a goal to one day ban and eliminate all nuclear arms. full story

-And while there are those who continue to chat about it...
UN Sec.1718: France Inspects NK -Vessel!
Merci-France! - Sevenoaksart-UK
-The first time a country was known to have stopped a North Korean vessel under U.N. Security Council Resolution 1718 authorizing searches as part of the sanctions imposed on Pyongyang for its nuclear test. Read more
"The customs administration is currently proceeding with a complete and thorough inspection of merchandise and personnel on a North Korean ship on a stopover in Mayotte," Foreign Ministry spokesman Jean- Baptiste Mattei said.
-Searched: "From bow to stern and top to bottom" ...The French Officials found nothing illegal so far, officials said Thursday...
(Mayotte is a French-administered island between the east coast of Africa .)

-Note: After the nuclear test, France took immediate measures limiting visas for North Koreans and canceled all bilateral contacts in October and November, Mattei said... And (according to Int'l Law) countries in the initiative can only conduct searches within the territorial waters of participating countries, since ships on the high seas have right of free passage under international law...

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